Friday, July 11, 2008

Jaws: 2008

The town where the fictional 1970s thriller "Jaws" was filmed got a real life scare when a reported shark siting shut down Martha's Vineyard beaches this week.

"Jaws" was probably the first mega hit I saw as a kid. I remember seeing the film at the Kennedy Theater in Highland, Ind. My family went to an afternoon show, and when we came out, the line went down the block and around the corner. The movie house sat in the middle of a city block.

As a kid, the scariest scene to me was when a diver (can't remember now if it was Roy Scheider or Richard Dreyfuss who were diving and discovered a human head on the sea floor.

In another shark-related tale, there was an old guy who used to come into the newspaper I worked at and told us all kinds of crazy tales. Back in 2001, there was a rash of shark attacks on the East Coast. This guy believed that the Cubans - or Cubians, as he called them - were training sharks to attack U.S. citizens.

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