Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Obama watch

With both a majority of votes and an electoral landslide, Barack Obama will certainly enjoy a honeymoon of sorts from the American public.

That doesn't mean he's on Easy Street for his first 100 days in office.

From the New York Times' issue-tracker to the National Journal's Promise Audit to the St. Petersburg Times' Obameter, there's a lot of eyes looking to see if the promise translates to performance.

The tradition of the following the president's first 100 days dates back to FDR, who pushed many of his projects and programs through shortly after arriving in office. Considering the country is facing the worst economic crunch since the Great Depression, the comparison between FDR and Obama may be worth revisiting 100 or so days from now.

For a look at the first 100 days of Presidents W. Bush, H.W. Bush and Clinton, PBS has a great link to information about what those three presidents accomplishments during that first trimester.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration: Importance and insignificance

Barack Obama is about to become our 44th president. The day serves as a great example to the world about peaceful government transition. Obama's step into the presidency would be historic on any note, but has the added note of Obama being the first non-white president of the United States.

It's a long road ahead for the new president, and one that people hope he navigates smoothly and effectively. While most of the inauguration is pomp and circumstance, Obama has a tremendous opportunity to set a positive tone and infuse the country with pride and determination as he begins Day 1 of the next four years.

There's a lot of fun today, but Obama will get down to work on Wednesday. It's not like he's been sitting around since Nov. 6 - the guy knows how to get things done.

Now maybe it's the man in me, but when I hear Meredith Viera in her serious news voice say that they are awaiting the announcement of who the designer is for Michelle Obama's inaugural ball dress, I wonder to myself, "Who cares?" OK, a lot of people care. Maybe the question is more, "Is it really that important?"

The Obamas have a tradition of service in their lives. I would hope that Michelle Obama's impact during her husband's presidency expands beyond her fashion.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Six months in paradise?

Help wanted: Person needed to take care of swank Australian Island for six months. Swim, dive, boat and blog about the experience. Salary $105,000 (American).

Tourism Queensland is looking for someone to hang out on Hamilton Island as a promotion to attract tourists to the Great Barrier Reef area.

So did I apply? Sure, why not. I had to submit a video (60 seconds max) which I hope will be chosen among the top 11 finalists of the soon-to-be thousands of entries.

And here's the link to the contest Web site, and I've included it here for your enjoyment.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I'm not dead

Hey, so it's only been three months sinced I've blogged on. Can't a guy take a break?

I just need a mental health day (or about 90 of them) as I made the transition from unemployment to looking for employment.

So what's the outlook for a 40-year-old male who main skill is putting words together? And I thought it was grim before the economy tanked.

No worries here though, (at least not yet). Life is full of peaks and valleys and I foresee an upswing. Hey, I've got a roof over my head, food in the fridge and a family that - on the surface anyway - loves me. It could be a lot worse.

Anyway, for those regular readers (both of you) I'm back. Look for more regular postings in the future.

Let me quickly review the past three months, just in case anyone was interested:

Alright Cubs are in the playoffs/Wisconsin Dells vacation and Chula Vista was awesome/F-ing Cubs can't even win one against the Dodgers/Can't wait to get into the kids' Halloween candy/OK, how are the Democrats going to blow this one/Obama in a landslide. Go back to Alaska, Sarah/Hey, look at me. I'm in the Lebanon Follies/So my wife wants to go to Haiti/Hmm, Thanksgiving/Hmm, Thanksgiving leftovers/Come on, Bears. Come on, Bears. Damnit!/Man, that's a lot of Christmas presents/There goes the wife to Haiti for 10 days/Happy New Year! 2009's got to be better than '08/The Haiti hiatus is over/I probably should start blogging before they pull my account.

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