Friday, September 19, 2008

Distancing from Bush

The hacking of Sarah Palin's e-mail is a "shocking invasion of privacy" says a John McCain staffer. Is there really shock at someone looking at personal correspondence between the Guv and her friends, or it is relief that the revelation redirected attention away from Palin's Troopergate investigation?

Or maybe it's another example of the McCain camp distancing itself from the Bush administration, which uses the Patriot Act and other legislation to tap phones and other potential civil liberty violations.

Is it wrong to hack into someone's e-mail? Sure it is. Should the government be allowed to invade a person's privacy? If there's just cause, yes. I'm a little worried not about what the government finds out about potential terrorists, but what it does with other information it finds. And what's to prevent - other than blind trust that our government wouldn't do anything illegal - that such information wouldn't be used for political purposes?

If someone is threatening to blow up buildings or kill the president, then action needs to be taken before something bad happens. If a political opponent is viewing porn or sending suggestive e-mails to their spouse, is that any concern of ours? Or the government's?

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