Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sipping wine in a plastic cup

When you promise to write more on the blog (as I did what seems like an eternity ago), two things can happen:
- You think that someone might actually tune in to see what you've written, so you wait until you've got something really great to say; or
- You write anything down to keep the commitment.
As I drink some Wollersheim River Gold wine wine from a child's plastic to-go cup from Rainforest Cafe, I realize I'm doing the latter right now. But the creative juice will start flowing again soon. I made it through Day 1 of no Facebook gaming with no consequences, and actually got a couple of things done. My goal is to hit things hard over the next two weeks (cleaning house, organizing papers, balancing the checkbook, finish taxes) and go into April with a clear plan to resurrect a writing career - or at least something that I can do from home that pays the bills.

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