Friday, June 6, 2008

'Swing'-ing into summer

The temperature is up here in the heartland - and it's not just the mercury.

CBS debuted "Swingtown" on Thursday night. The first show was enough to get me hooked to tune in next week. The cast looks like regular folks - good-looking regular folks is what I meant.

If you missed it, the first show went like this: Couple moves into upscale neighborhood, meets new neighbors (who opened the show by having a threesome). Uptight old neighbors drop by and attend a party in their friends' new neighborhood and are shocked at the drugs and sex. Show climaxes (snicker) with the couple and their new neighbors swapping parnters (the actual sex is not shown; it is network TV).

Other developments are the promiscuous daughter (will she and the teacher hook up?); the son and the wierd next-door neighbor girl (not sure what her deal is yet); and the wimpy kid of the uptight parents who got beat up by a girl.

It's set in Winnetka, Ill., an upscale Chicago suburb. The Chicago Tribune had a nice piece about the show's creator. Could be must-see TV for the summer.

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